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Welcome to this wiki on health education in Second Life (SL).   My name is Navid Tomlinson and I created this wiki while I was on a work placement with the Surrey Centre for Excellence in Professional Training and Education at the University of Surrey. It is intended to provide teachers of health education with examples of the uses of SL in higher education. Click here for an introduction to SL.

1st life 2nd life

i cant see any difference???

Throuout the Wiki you will see a star rating for each island/place evaluating how engaging and interactive they are, not neccerceraly how good they are. The results are graded like so: 5 stars means there is a high level on engagement, including things such as quizes, videos, and games and a 1 star means there is very little interaction and the majority of the information provided is simply in text form for you to read.




Here are some reasons why you might use Second Life for education:

  • Collaboration: You can contact people in the same field of interest from around the world.
  • Without boundaries: You can work with people without boundaries (neither technical or geographical).
  • Interactivity: It’s better than a videoconference because you can use videos, presentations, images and weblinks at the same time in one place. It means you can easily create links between in-world activity and real-world information resources.
  • Support: If you’re a patient, you can easily find people dealing with the same problems. You can meet them virtually, discuss your problems, listen to doctors attending in SL.
  • Learning: In some fields, there are just a few experts and it’s not easy to meet them in the real world. But in SL, it becomes possible by presentations and e-learning tools. You can also use tutorials.
  • Search: You can do PubMed searches or you can browse among the many books of the virtual libraries.
  • Exhibits: How could you create an exhibition in a videoconference or a website? Well, you could, but it would be complicated while in SL its relatively easy. 


But possibly the best reason you can do some pretty cool stuff!!!



Links to pages in this wiki

Aids and HIV





General Health

General Surgery

Mental Health




public health



Outside Links




To accses the teleport links you must have already downloaded the SL software and created a SL account.

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